The service team of Johnson Holdings is comprised of a wide range of professionals and experienced staff to provide clients with sufficient and professional human resources. In order to maintain a high level of service, we regularly provide professional trainings, including professional skills and occupational safety knowledge.

Our professional services team includes:
Safety supervisors, confined space work approvers, gondolas work operators, metal scaffolding and support frame installation and demolition workers, caliper operators, special purpose vehicle drivers, lifting platform operators, pest management and controllers, etc.


In order to provide customers with the most suitable cleaning services, Johnson Holdings has invested in professional vehicles with different functions to form a fleet of high-quality vehicles. Currently, we have over 100 motor vehicles. At the same time, we also have a dedicated team to carry out regular maintenance and inspections for vehicles, so that our customers can use our services and our employees work in our work environment safely.

As part of our environmental pioneer, we implement a green procurement policy and prefer vehicles with the latest environmental technologies.