Hong Kong Johnson Holdings Co., Ltd. (“Johnson Holdings”) (Stock Code: 1955) is one of the leading environmental hygiene services providers in Hong Kong. Over the past years, it has undertaken numerous large-scale projects, including cleaning projects in buildings, parks and recreational centers, streets and educational institutions. As the society develops, public demand for quality of life has increased, and so has the demand for environmental hygienic services. To this end, on top of its existing environmental hygiene services, Johnson Holdings has been continuously expanding its service scope to provide various kinds of value-added services tailored to its customers. .

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Sustainability Approach

Sustainability is an important element in Johnson Holding’s business development. With our vision and mission “Guard Your Health Go Green with Smart City”, we deliver safe, quality, and sustainable comprehensive cleaning solutions to our clients, and create a healthy and eco-friendly living environment for the society. This enables us to create shared value and long-term benefits for shareholders and the society, as well as protecting the public’s health. Our sustainability approach and strategy encompass the following four major aspects, which allow us to achieve our vision of building long, trusting relationships with stakeholders in the society.



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Customer-oriented, Strive for perfection, Continual Improvement

With its service coverage across Hong Kong, Johnson Holdings designs tailored cleaning solutions to meet each and every client’s needs. Working together with our clients, we hope to create a healthy, pleasant and clean environment.

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