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Garbage Logistics

Johnson Environmental Company Limited (“Johnson Environmental”) engages in the provision of comprehensive and integrated solutions on garbage logistics. We specialize in the management of municipal waste, recyclables and solid waste etc. arising from government departments, construction projects, commercial and industrial institutions. To provide one-stop garbage logistics services, we have developed a large fleet of professional vehicles with the up-to-date equipment equipped. Our clients include the Hong Kong Airport Cargo Terminal, iconic shopping malls in Tsim Sha Tsui, and MTR Malls.


For more information or order for garbage logistics services, please contact

Mr. Lau

Tel:2655 1358

Fax:3610 9042

Every day, our garbage logistics vehicle fleet collect waste from specific waste collection points. Collected waste is sorted and then either recycled, or properly disposed of at government-designated transfer stations or landfills.

Waste is collected from clients’ properties by Johnson Environmental’s fleet of vehicles

Waste is separated at the source


   Delivered to the disposal center

     Recyclables are compressed  

Recycling raw materials

Unrecyclable waste

Waste is disposed of at transfer stations/landfills

Our Clients

Asia Airfreight Terminal Co Ltd.

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited

Cathay Pacific Services Limited

Plaza Hollywood Limited

Harbour City Estates Limited

Hong Kong Business Aviation Centre

DKSH Management Ltd.

PARKnSHOP (HK) Limited

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Participation in Organisations

Johnson Holdings is committed to participating in various chambers of commerce and associations to obtain the latest industry information.

Hong Kong Waste Disposal Industry Association