Sustainability Approach and Strategy

Sustainability is an important element in Johnson Holding’s business development. With our vision and mission “Dedicate to Shape an Intelligent Green Future”, we deliver safe, quality, and sustainable comprehensive solutions to our clients in order to provide a healthy and eco-friendly living environment as well as create shared value and long-term benefits for shareholders and the society. Our sustainability approach and strategy encompass the following four major aspects, we have also formulated a set of commitments that support United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.

4 Key Strategies



Sustainable Development Goals

Safe and Healthy Workplace

  • Providing safety equipment to ensure that our employees can work in a safe and healthy environment

Intelligent Technology and Pioneering Service(s)

  • Keeping abreast of the latest innovative technologies to enhance our competitiveness and support our industry operations
  • Putting customers first and fully catering to their needs
  • Developing new service solutions
  • Continuously optimizing our internal systems to improve service quality
  • Providing access to the latest information and technological systems to enhance work efficiency

Preserving the Planet

  • Committed to reducing our impact on the environment and developing long-term environmental goals
  • Actively controlling vehicle fuel consumption to reduce carbon emissions
  • Promoting green procurement policies by using nontoxic and environmentally friendly cleaning products in our working procedures.
  • Committed to developing climate change policy, assessing and disclosing the impact of climate risks


  • Promoting diversity and inclusivity, providing training and development opportunities, and enhancing teambuilding spirit with the goal of promoting employee growth
  • Encouraging all employees to exercise regularly
  • Creating an ideal working environment for our employees
  • Strengthening safety training for employees to prevent work-related accidents and promote their physical and mental health
  • Complying with relevant laws and regulations regarding gender equality
  • Providing a non-discriminatory, equal opportunity, and safe working environment to ensure that our employees are not discriminated against or exploited in any job opportunities based on factors such as age, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, background, religious beliefs, or economic status
  • Committed to safeguarding the labour rights of our employees, ensuring that there is no child labour or forced labour in our workplace

Sustainability Reports