Sustainability Approach and Strategy

Sustainability is an important element in Johnson Holding’s business development. With our vision and mission “Guard Your Health Go Green with Smart City”, we deliver safe, quality, and sustainable comprehensive cleaning solutions to our clients, and create a healthy and eco-friendly living environment for the society. This enables us to create shared value and long-term benefits for shareholders and the society, as well as protecting the public’s health. Our sustainability approach and strategy encompass the following four major aspects, which allow us to achieve our vision of building long, trusting relationships with stakeholders in the society.

4 Key Strategies

Safe and Healthy Workplace

To enhance workplace safety and upgrade our facilities, we continuously invest resources to allow employees to work in a safe and healthy environment with dignity.

Intelligent Technology

Since its incorporation in 1979, Johnson Holdings has always upheld a “technology-oriented and service-focused” philosophy and has always “kept our words and stayed true to our promises” to fulfill the demands of different clients. To keep pace with the times, we have actively introduced smart cleaning products to our portfolio to provide services to our customers.

Preserving the Planet

Adhering to its “green” procurement principle, Johnson Holdings ensures that only non-toxic, non-hazardous and eco-friendly cleaning products are used in its cleaning procedures. In addition, we actively monitor the fuel consumption of our vehicles to reduce carbon emission intensity, as part of our contribution towards environmental protection.


As a “Caring Company”, Johnson Holdings stays connected with the society and cares about the welfare of under-privileged groups. We are committed to providing meaningful second careers to people from all walks of life, so that they can continue to demonstrate their talents within the Group.

Sustainability Reports