KOWIN™ Disinfectant Spray

KOWIN™ special formula for disinfection, through the ultrasonic high-frequency vibration of the atomizer, the chlorine dioxide water molecules are nano-sized into hundreds of billions of chlorine dioxide particles of one to five microns, which are quickly dispersed in the space to actively capture bacteria , molds, viruses and other harmful substances, the disinfection process does not require appointed service provider, quickly cleans the indoor air and surface of objects, and creates a safe environment.

Traditional disinfectant is mainly used to disinfect the surface of objects, but it is powerless against pathogens and viruses in the air. As for using bleach to spray indoors for disinfection, it will not only pollute the environment and cause corrosive risks to metal surfaces, but also irritate the human respiratory tract and affect health.

The report of the Hong Kong Manufacturers’ Association Certification Center confirms that the concentration of chlorine dioxide released by this product is far lower than the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health ( NIOSH) and other international safety standards require inhalable chlorine dioxide in the air, which is absolutely safe and reliable for humans and animals!

KOWIN™ is developed by the award-winning company of the university’s TSSSU project and the Hong Kong Science Park Incubation Program Start-up (Sundial Tech) and tested by the manufacturer’s association verification center. It has been proved that its sterilization ability is 99.99% and can inhibit bacterial growth for a long time. Moreover, this product can also effectively reduce harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air, making the air fresh and free from bacteria.

Unlike similar products, KOWIN™ can actively kill bacteria and molds. It has also been certified by a third party by the “Manufacturers Association Testing Center” and was rated as a Supreme (3-star) high-quality air level that can achieve a bacterial content of 100 CFU/m3.

It can provide a continuous antibacterial effect for several hours in public area such as companies, houses, shops and cars.


  • Air sterilization lasts 3 hours
  • Surface sterilization lasts 8 hours