Distribution Agent of Innovative Technological Cleaning and Disinfection Products and Equipment

With machine-driven and intellectually innovative equipment becoming the trend in the cleaning services field, i-Clean Limited (“i-Clean”) focuses on sourcing cleaning related intellectually autonomous apparatus in the market. By introducing smart AI equipment to cleaning and hygiene services providers, i-Clean helps relevant companies reduce frontline manpower, increase productivity and optimize service quality. Meanwhile, in response to the rampaging bacteria and virus variants in recent years, i-Clean also offers a wide range of cleaning products. The following are our current products.

For more information or to purchase products, please contact Mr. Ng (2655 1396) or email to Info@icleanltd.com.


Phantas Commercial

Floor Cleaning Robot

Cobi 18 autonomous A. I.

4 in 1 cleaning robot

FJD Spray Disinfection Robot

FJ Dynamics UVC

Disinfection Robot

Gaussian Cleaning Robotics

SoftBank Whiz Vacuum

Cleaning Robot

Tornado Advanced Cleaning System

UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer

Disinfection Products and Equipment

SD Labs Disinfection Coating

Disinfectant Spray